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How the media is demonising Disabled People in Europe

Extract from the article ‘How the media is demonising Disabled People in Europe’  by Debbie Jolly ‘Disabled people in Europe are losing their battle in the fight for disability rights. While some countries have problems … Read more

ENIL Hearing on Cuts at the European Parliament

Save the Date! 9 February 2012, European Parliament   On 9 February 2012 ENIL is holding a hearing at the European Parliament entitled ‘Defend the Right of Independent Living – How the EU’s Austerity Policy … Read more

Recent reports

  ENIL would like to raise awareness on the work and publications of ESSL. The Essl Family have been involved in social affairs for many years. The Essl Foundation was established in 2007 in order … Read more

Jim Mansell Recognised for Outstanding Contribution to Social Care

Jim Mansell, Emeritus Professor of Learning Disability at the Tizard Centre at the University of Kent, and a member of the Advisory Council of the European Coalition for Community Living (ECCL), was awarded the SCIE … Read more

NNDR launched a new webpage and a blog

NNDR is a multidisciplinary network of disability researchers. The purpose of NNDR is to advance research and development in the field of disability. The main meeting place for the network is the biennial NNDR conference. … Read more

ENIL is active in the FRA

ENIL is active in the FRA (The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) and supports the research the FRA is conducting. The FRA launched a report on ‘The legal protection of persons with mental health … Read more

Common European Guidelines on De-institutionalisation

Through its project the European Coalition for Community Living, ENIL is a member of the Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care (EEG). The Group, established in 2009 at the initiative of … Read more

INNOSERV research project for innovative social services

ENIL is proud to be a member of the INNOSERV consortium starting its work in February 2012. A short description of the project follows: Other members of the consortium are: • Diakonhjemmet University College, Oslo, … Read more

DREAM – Disability Rights Expanding Accessible Markets

ENIL is an Associated Partner in the EU funded project DREAM – Disability Rights Expanding Accessibly Markets, led by the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at the National University of Ireland, Galway. During the … Read more

Fundamental Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Persons with Mental Health Problems

John Evans, a member of the Advisory Board of ENIL, is representing ENIL and its project ECCL (the European Coalition for Community Living) in the project ‘Fundamental Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Persons … Read more

Active Citizenship & Disability – Toward a 21st Century – Model of Supports for Persons With Disabilities

That was the title of the conference presenting the coming book on modern disability services to which ENIL has contributed this year. The book has been written by Dr Andrew Power a former member of … Read more

Role model: Meet Suvad Zahirović from Bosnia

My name is Suvad Zahirović. I was born in Brcko,Bosnia and Herzegovina on 31st May 1962. I am blind since birth. I  graduated at Faculty for political sciences, at Belgrade University in 1989.  I am … Read more

Conference: Implementing the rights of persons with disabilities

The Essl Foundation, the World Future Council and Bank Austria are working together to organize an International Conference on January 22-23, 2012, Vienna, Austria on future just policies which successfully implement the rights of people with disabilities.   Download … Read more

Independent Living Fund (ILF) in the UK: DPAC Signature campaign

To add your signature please email, or    ‘DPAC Independent Living Fund letter Thousands of disabled people rely on funding from the Independent Living Fund to enable them to live independently with choice … Read more

Personal Assistance as a condition of freedom

When we were at the beginning of our struggle for our right to personal assistance and we started looking for role models we began by reading up on the history of the independent living movement. … Read more

YHD: On the remembrance of the 3rd of December

It has been 20 years since the first attempts to implement Independent Living in Slovenia and 15 years since the foundation of YHD – Association for theory and culture of handicap, which is the only … Read more

15 years of independent living initiatives in Serbia

CIL Serbia from its foundation has been working on providing the condition for PA service establishing and development. The result of the 2-year pilot project from 2003 and 2005 and local advocacy activists is that … Read more

Independent Living Scotland addresses its Parliament

Disabled people need the kind of welfare state which is not a mere ‘safety net’ but which invests in tackling disabling barriers and in providing resources to meet the additional costs related to impairment. Read … Read more

Independent Living Classics: the 2007 Barcelona speech by Dr Ratzka

If we speak about inspirational leaders in the Independent living movement we quickly come to Dr Adolf Ratzka. In 2007 he spoke in Barcelona on the dependency culture towards people with disabilities and how to … Read more

John Evans from ENIL speaks to Europe about the devastating effect of the cuts

One of the greatest experts on Independent Living, John Evans, uses every opportunity to warn people with disabilities, policymakers and other stakeholders about the effects of the cuts in public spending that are going on. … Read more