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Access City Award 2012

If you live in a city with over 50.000 inhabitants that has taken real action to implement measures and policies to promote and support accessibility  for disabled people you can nominate your city to the … Read more

Law and Disability

The Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques (ITTIG) belongs to the Italian National Research Council (CNR). It is in Florence, it was founded in 1969 as the first Italian research institute in the field … Read more

Accessible trains in Latvia

In Latvia trains become available also for disabled people! The Association of people with disabilities and their friends-Apeirons is pleased to announce that after a long collaboration and consultation process, the VAS Latvijas Dzelzcels (LDZ, … Read more

New research about children with disabilities

‘What are the most popular things to do with your family?’ The JAG Association in Sweden is collaborating with Jönköping University and two other organizations in a project about children participation in family activities. The … Read more

Good example: Grunden gender project

Grunden web (Swedish) Why are the men playing the music and the woman singing to it? Grunden is a national organization in Sweden for and with people with intellectual disabilities.  In 2010 members of Grunden … Read more

Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikström supports demands from the JAG Association on deinstitutionalization in Europe

At the annual meeting in Stockholm the JAG Association demanded that the European Union promotes the development of socially integrated efforts in Europe and deinstitutionalization as a top priority in the agendas of EU countries. … Read more

Holders of the scholarship for the memory of Rolf Bergfors By Jessica Linder Jansson

In a previous post we wrote about the Foundation Fund setablished in the memory of Rolf Bergfors, who through his work in GIL helped to push through the assistance reform in Sweden. We can now … Read more

Good example: International Diploma in Mental Health Law and Human Rights 2011-2012

The World Health Organization and the Indian Law Society (ILS) Pune, India offers the International Diploma in Mental Health Law and Human Rights. In 2005 WHO published the Resource Book on Mental Health, Human Rights … Read more

Good example: Bike rental for disabled people in Spain

The city of Gandia ( a seaside touristic place not so far away from Valencia, Spain in collaboration with a disabled employer (by the way he is a Paralympic sportsman) has set up a bike rental service ( with a unique feature: it Iicludes the possibility of renting a tricycle … Read more

Meet Katja Villatoro, Valencia (Spain)

My name is Katja and I live in a village near Valencia for almost ten years. Before I used to live in Benidorm (Alicante), my profession was in the healthcare area and I was working … Read more

Meet Aglaia Katsigianni, from Drama (Greece)

My name is Aglaia Katsigianni. I’m a 42 years old woman with physical disability living in Drama, a city in the northern Greece. I’m single, living with my – super! – mom, because independent living … Read more

Art and disability: Dancing on crutches!

Some energetic and impressive videos!… who said that it’s impossible? Visa TV Ad starring Bill Shannon Bill Shannon, aka “Crutch Master,” is a multi-disciplinary artists who defies definition and gravity. www

Good example: Map for wheelchair accessible locations.

  Maptivism: much more than a geographical map The mobilization of citizens to deal with problems of daily human rights violations and environmental emergencies through new technologies. When cartography rhymes with activism. What is Wheelmap? … Read more

World Report on Disability by WHO

On the 9th of June at the UN Building in New York, USA the World Report on Disability was launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank. The report, created with information … Read more

UK Government Orders Immediate Enquiry Following Abuse, Harrassment and Violence against People with Challenging Behaviour in Bristol

UK Government Orders Immediate Enquiry Following the Abuse, Harassment and Violence against People with Challenging Behaviour in Bristol On 30 May the BBC Panorama programme[1] revealed a series of abuse in residential care for people … Read more

ENIL calls for action! Budget cuts in the Netherlands

Personal budgets taken away from 117.000 people in the Netherlands! ENIL Calls for action! The effects of the crisis on disability policy worsen every week. After protests against cuts in Germany, Ireland and the U.K., … Read more

EDF Freedom of Movement Campaign

ARE YOU FREE ENOUGH? WE WANT FREEDOM MOVEMENT FOR ALL! The European Union says it guarantees freedom of movement to all citizens but the reality is that disabled people across Europe face all sorts of … Read more

Biography of Ed Roberts and worldwide list of Independent Living Centers

Meet Buddy Bougere from New Orleans, USA. He is writing a biography on disability pioneer Ed Roberts and is working on a worldwide list of Independent Living Centers. Read all about it and help Buddy … Read more

Eric Celie, user of the Armon Ayura, a dynamic arm support system.

ENIL believes that people with a disability should have the right to use every helping aid,adaptation or assistive technology they choose to lead an independent life. We are the experts who know best what exactly … Read more

The Armon Ayura arm support

The Armon Ayura is an arm support especially developed for those who only have little strength in their arms, due to e.g. a transverse lesion, a cerebral infarct or one of many muscle diseases. The … Read more