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Independent Living News! 16th of December 2010

Please find available the latest ENIL Newsletter in the link below: Independent Living News! 16th December 2010 Newsletter If you would like to share with us any suggestions, news or contribute with an article please … Read more

EU can ratify UN disability convention

The European Union has removed the last barrier to formal EU ratification of the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, according to Gerard Quinn (pictured), the director of the Centre for … Read more

Advancing the National Disability Strategy

Building on Comparative and an International Innovation – Conference in Galway December 10th 2010 The Centre for Disability, Law and Policy held an international conference on National Disability Strategies in Ireland on 10th of December … Read more

ENIL’s Newsletters review of the year for 2010

The European Network for Indepednent Living (ENIL) presents a newsletter every fortnight with information regarding events and uplifting stories on various issues and news happening throughout Europe.  Since January, the newsletters included a number of … Read more

10. december Mednarodni dan lovekovih pravic

SPOROČILO ZA JAVNOST – 10. december Mednarodni dan človekovih pravic ENIL – Evropska mreža za neodvisno življenje poziva člane gibanja za neodvisno življenje in s tem celotno družbo, da naredi korak naprej pri obeleževanju 10. … Read more

Germano Tossi; ENIL member shares his thoughts on Independent Living

Germano Tosi, Italian Independent Living activist and member of ENIL and ENIL Italia would like to share with us his experience during the General Assembly. Regarding my first experience at the International level, I’m very … Read more

Conference in Stockholm

Conference in Stockholm about violence against women with disabilities was held on the 25th of November 2010. “Bräcke diakoni” and the development centre on double vulnerability “Utvecklings centrum dubbelt utsatt” organized the conference about violence … Read more

Protect People with Disabilities- An Irish Freedom Drive

On the 19th of January 2011 CILs from across Ireland and their members are urged to come together and meet with their political representatives. We must demonstrate to our political representatives the need to Protect People … Read more

Christmas celebrations around Europe

Christmas is an annual celebration each year of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, most countries around Europe have their own ways to mark and celebrate the festivities.  We as people with disabilities also look forward to … Read more

Travel Rights for people with Disabilities

People with disabilities have an equal right to travel anywhere throughout the world as independently as possible with the necessary assistance that may be required.  For many years, freedom of movement has been an illusion for … Read more

Susanne Berg on Accessibility

Early this summer the Swedish government presented a proposal on legislation prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of lacking accessibility. For the Swedish disability movement it was a long awaited proposal. Two years ago the Discrimination … Read more

Good experiences of parents as personal assistants to their children

  Personal assistance is a very successful service for children and young people as well as adults. With personal assistance all children can grow up together with their parents and siblings. They can play, go … Read more

The JAG Association in Norway is fighting for personal assistance and equal rights

The JAG Association in Norway started a year ago and has already 30 members. Only a person with multiple, severe disabilities including some kind of intellectual disability can become a member. Others can become supporting members, … Read more

New Norwegian report shows that personal assistance is profitable from a socio-economically perspect

    On behalf of ULOBA the international consulting firm Econ Pöyry has prepared a report on citizen-/user controlled personal assistance in a socio-economically perspective. The study shows that personal assistance is economically viable and that personal assistance is … Read more

10 de Dezembro de 2010 – O Dia dos Direitos Humanos

A ENIL faz uma chamada de atenção para que o Movimento de Vida Independente e toda a sociedade dêem um passo em frente no dia 10 de Dezembro de 2010 – O Dia dos Direitos … Read more

10. Dezember, dem Tag der Menschenrechte

  ENIL ruft die Independent-Living-Bewegung und die gesamte Gesellschaft dazu auf, sich am 10. Dezember, dem Tag der Menschenrechte, zu melden. Treten Sie am heutigen Tag vor und unterstützen Sie das Anliegen, das vom Büro … Read more

10th of December; Human Rights Day

ENIL calls the Independent Living movement and all of society to step forward on December 10, 2010 – Human Rights Day.       Step forward this day to spread the theme promoted by the … Read more

Meet Peter Lambreghts, from Gent (Belgium)

Born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1971. Happily married and father of two princesses. Enjoyed a wide range of studies on bachelor level. Volunteer and active member of several associations of persons with a disability. Chairman or board member … Read more

3 de Diciembre; Día Internacional de las Personas con Discapacidad

  ENIL celebra hoy, 3 de Diciembre de 2010, el día Internacional de las Personas con Diversidad Funcional Representamos el 10% de la población mundial, o visto de otra forma 650 millones de personas. A … Read more

3rd of December: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

ENIL celebrates today, the 3rd of December 2010, International Day of Persons with Disabilities.     We represent around 10% of the world’s population, or 650 million people. Often our societies are unaware of the challenges we … Read more